Why electors participated in Burkina Faso’s presidential election 2005?

Well, this is a little ad for a recent publication of one of our students which merites to be considered:

  • Monsch, Gian-Andrea, 2008. “Der Klient und sein Patron – oder warum man in Burkina Faso wählen geht.” CIS Working Paper No. 37, ISSN 1662-7504. [pdf, available online, in german]

Abstract: Monsch analyzes the varying voter turnouts in the 45 provinces of Burkina Faso on the occasion of the presidential elections on the 13th november of 2005. Through a comparative macroanalysis he shows that the force of President Compaore’s patron-clients relations, measured by the total result of his electoral victory, strongly influences the level of the provincial turnout. In addition to this, local poverty, ethnic aliation and geographical proximity to the capital bears on positively the voter turnout.