Wissenswertes zu Listenverbindungen

Was bringen Listenverbindungen? Und welche Listenverbindungen sind sinnvoll? Mit diesen Fragen beschäftigen sich Parteileitungen ebenso intensiv wie Forscher. Daniel Bochsler ruft in einem heute im Tages-Anzeiger unter dem Titel „Die elf schlimmsten Fehler bei Listenverbindungen“ erschienenen Artikel die wesentlichen Dinge in Erinnerung, die Parteistrategen beim Aushandeln von Listenverbindungen beachten sollten. Lesenswert, nicht nur für Parteistrategen.


Pre-Transition Politics in Burkina Faso [Updated]

Sahel Blog

On October 11, Burkina Faso will hold presidential and legislative elections. Senior members of the current interim government, which took office in November 2014 following the fall of long-time ruler Blaise Compaore the previous month, are ineligible to run in the elections. For now, though, the primary political struggle in the country is not over the October vote, but over who will wield power today, and what the role of different factions of the military will be in the government.

In recent weeks, NGOs and media outlets have buzzed with discussions of tension between the Presidential Security Regiment (RSP) and Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Zida, a conflict that could, at worst, derail the transition. Although both Zida and Compaore belonged to the RSP in the past, the elite unit has reasons to fear that it will be disbanded and punished: in December, Zida called for its dismantling, and in February, a political…

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