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Hans Rosling, a pioneer in Data visualisation, has died. An opportunity to highlight once again his outstanding contribution in the field of data visualisation, the project Gapminder World in particular:


Hate the electoral system in the U.S.?

The choice of the electoral system is never innocent. In fact, it shapes strongly the electoral outcome, as an article recently published by the Washington Post shows. As a political scientist, I regret that the authors ignore effects as for example the choice of the electoral system on the voter turnout, which may affect the result as well. Nevertheless, it remains a highly interesting simulation, illustrated with very strong maps.

Here’s who could have been President of the United States under other setups – a great contribution from the Washington Post you should not miss.


June 26, 2009: be there!

On June 26, 2009, we – a group of former and actual collaborators of Hanspeter Kriesi – organize a symposium to promote a prolific exchange amongst distinguished scholars on past achievements and future perspectives in selected areas of research, such as elections and cleavage structures, social movements, comparative political economy, decision-making structures and Swiss politics. Contributors will present topical research from their field of specialization and will discuss their personal approach to meeting the upcoming challenges.

We look forward to contributions by Stefano Bartolini, Giuliano Bonoli, Liesbet Hooghe, Evelyne Huber, Herbert Kitschelt, Ruud Koopmans, Gary Marks, Philippe C. Schmitter, Marco Steenbergen, Jürg Steiner, John D. Stephens, Sidney Tarrow and many guests.

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